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Previous Newsletters

This page will provide links to previous versions of the Club newsletters. You can navigate down the page to the year in question and select the Newsletter you wish to read.


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You can download each individual newsletter or you can download the archived versions by year at the bottom of the page.

2016-2017 Newsletters

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2015-2016 Newsletters

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2011-2012 Newsletters

2011 Newsletters

Another year of tasting fantastic single malts has taken place and the inclusion of some new whiskies from around the world has provided a world class culture within the club. Here you will find the newsletters from the 2010-2011 season for your reading enjoyment.  Peruse them at your leisure, perhaps over a wee dram of the worlds finest elixir.


Premium Nights

Ola Dubh Beer Tasting



 September 2010
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 January 2011 - Robbie Burns
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 June 2011 - BBQ/Exam
 July 2011
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2010 Newsletters

Find here the latest and all the club newsletters. Feel free to browse at your leisure. Be sure to see links below for some interesting articles.

 2009-2010 Season




February 2010 

March 2010 




The newsletters to the left provide information on dinners that are conducted and are filled with a number of facts concerning Single Malt Whiskeys.


2009 Newsletters

2008 Newsletters

Archived Version in Zip Format

Each Year a number of Newsletters are created for the club. To download the years worth of newsletters click on the respective links below.

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